PLM Services

Assessment / Evaluation

Are you about to start looking for a PLM system? Our team of experts is available to support you in the process of selecting a PLM system by helping you plan out the necessary steps in the evaluation process and can also help prepare the required information such as the Request For Proposal, Questionnaire, Demo Scripts, etc

Our responsibility is to help ensure you understand the pros/cons of all solutions as well as what you need to do internally to get ready for the implementation phase. When it comes to the actual selection of the PLM vendor, that will be your responsibility

Development / Extensions

Unfortunately it has become a common practice for service providers to customize PLM systems to meet customer requirements without helping the customer understand the impact of the customization. The total cost of ownership of a customization (cost to support it plus impact on upgrades) needs to be balanced against the business priority/impact.

In lieu of customizations, our team strongly believes in building PLM agnostic plugins that can extend the solution without impacting your upgrade path. These plugins are built using industry leading technologies that can also address certain PLM challenges such as usability and system performance for overseas offices.

Data Warehouse for PLM Reporting

PLM systems are great at managing product development data but are not designed to support large volume and/or analytical reports. You can build these types of reports in PLM but will likely face the challenge of getting the report to run within a reasonable amount of time.

To address this problem, our team has built out a robust framework for extracting data out of PLM to a data warehouse for near real-time reporting.

As an example of the performance benefits to using the data warehouse, one of our customers had to have a report generated every 24 hours (offline) as it took 3+ hours to run. They are now able to generate this report themselves directly within PLM and it takes approximately 15 to 20 seconds!