CAD Integration

The use of 3D by consumer goods companies has proven benefits such as shortened development calendars and reduced sampling costs. However, one of the largest obstacles today to using 3D tools is the isolated nature of these tools and lack of industry standard formats to collaborate on.

Our team is addressing these challenges by developing new and innovative plugins that are accessed directly from within the CAD tool. Our goal for these plugins is to support features such as BOM Synch (with PLM), File Upload/Download (to DAM, PLM, or Amazon S3), etc

Virtual Sales Catalog

Our virtual sales catalog allows the sales team to directly access the 3D virtual assets and show/sell them to retail customers using catalogs that have been built specifically for a customer, region, and/or market.

The ability to have immediate access to an entire line and see any asset in a three-dimensional view has provided significant benefits to the selling process.