A Product Development calendar is critical to any footwear and apparel company yet is commonly still being managed in an offline spreadsheet.

The Challenge

Many Product Lifecycle Management (“PLM”) systems have calendar capabilities that work great for development teams. HOWEVER, a seasonal calendar has activities that go beyond the activities performed within a PLM system and used by many teams outside of development such as executive leadership, sales teams, merchandising, etc.

The Solution

The SimplyQuick! Calendar is a robust solution that provides for a fully integrated application that includes many great features, such as:

  • Custom views: ability for teams to define custom views of just the development milestones/tasks that they care about without having to replicate the entire calendar!
  • Office365 Integration: direct integration with Microsoft Office365 not only allows you to bring the development calendar into Microsoft Outlook but allows you to schedule/view meetings directly in the calendar application
  • Project Management: in addition to supporting a development calendar, you can use those same capabilities to manage any/all projects with dependencies (merchandising programs, facilities projects, IT/IS software projects, etc)
  • Travel & Vacation Schedules: overlay planned sourcing/development trips and planned time off against calendar milestones.
  • Country Specific Holidays: we have integrated with external tools so that all country calendars are available within the solution and do not have to be entered manually.